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Programs for Individuals

Leaving your company may be the most significant transition of your adult life.  For many owners, exiting a business can have nearly the same impact as leaving a family. 


If you're in good health, retirement may be the longest phase of your life. Yet most baby boomers short-change themselves when it comes to planning for the psychological aspects of the decades that lie ahead. 


We help late career professionals and business owners address the head and heart side of exiting work, so that they can transition smoothly to a satisfying next chapter.  

Please note: Our coaching programs are conducted virtually at the present time

Pre-Retirement Coaching

For Late Career Professionals and Business Owners


The questionnaires and exercises in our 3 or 5 session programs assist you in navigating the waters as you transition out of your current position, providing peace-of-mind for late career professionals and business owners.  


They provide a framework and a process for exploring your values, interests, and priorities, and can help you become emotionally ready to let go of your work, craft a new personal identify, and begin planning what to do with the next chapter of your life.  


The transition from full time work can take many paths, but you owe it to yourself to be psychologically prepared.


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These programs were originally developed by our partners at The Platinum Years, a registered service mark

of the Successful Transition Planning Institute

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