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Pre-Retirement Coaching For Clients of Wealth Advisors 

Are you a wealth manager who wants to differentiate your retirement planning services?  Let’s collaborate to make sure your clients are psychologically prepared for their next chapter.  Scroll down to

learn more.

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Planning can improve the odds that your clients will be able to retire on their terms and enjoy the next chapter of their lives.  Yet these smart people sometimes fail to implement your wise counsel.  They may be successful professionally, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be successful in retirement planning (or in executing the plan).  


As a psychologist, I’ve spent more than a decade studying retirement.  I’ve learned that one of the reasons why people struggle is that they fail to consider the emotional side of the equation.  The implications . . . 


Your clients who are emotionally prepared for retirement will make better decisions about their future, and they will be happier with the outcome.


Clients who address the head and heart side of retirement will be better positioned to make good use of your recommendations, and they will likely be more satisfied with your services.


I’ve crafted a brief pre-retirement coaching program designed with these clients in mind. Using compelling online exercises and two 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions, this program is cost effective and time efficient. It provides your clients with a framework and a process for exploring their values, interests, and priorities. 

Topics covered include:

  • Perspectives and priorities for the future

  • Components of a successful retirement transition

  • Values and identity apart from work

  • Lessons learned from past transitions  

  • How one’s work history can provide clues for a satisfying next chapter

I welcome the opportunity to discuss how this service might be incorporated into your practice, either directly or through a referral arrangement.  Please contact me if you have questions or if you would like to experience the coaching program yourself before you consider offering it to your clients.

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