As a financial advisor you know that retirement planning and business succession is not just about money.  You are uniquely positioned to have a thoughtful dialogue with your clients about the meaning behind the money.  


We are pleased to offer programs that help you connect with your clients in substantive ways that respect the role emotions play

in planning. 

Transition Prep Workshop Series

For Your Clients


This series is designed around two 60-minute workshops for a small group of your clients (although the length and structure can be customized to fit your needs).  It is ideal for a lunch-and-learn program.


Through a mix of questionnaires and discussion, participants can begin to tackle the questions that must be addressed in order to successfully navigate the transition to retirement.

5 Key Take-Away’s from this workshop:


  • Define the key elements of a successful transition.

  • Learn how the meaning of money impacts planning.

  • Consider what has been satisfying about work and what’s been missing - in order to establish compelling goals for the future.

  • Discover how earlier life events can inform the retirement planning process.

  • Clarify essential values and personal identity beyond work.

To see a sample workshop schedule click here.

The Psychology of Planning

For Financial Services Professionals


Why is it important to understand the psychology of planning? Because financial advisors can play an essential role beyond offering guidance about saving and investing for the future.  

When it comes to retirement planning you can encourage clients to think about their next chapter and identify what activities would truly be most satisfying. You can help clients prepare for a smooth transition.  And you can give clients an opportunity to talk about their retirement concerns.


With few exceptions, clients will not get an opportunity to discuss these matters anywhere else.  You don’t need to be a psychologist to help your clients sort through the head and heart aspects of planning for retirement, but you do need to become well acquainted with the emotional aspects of this transition.


This 45-minute presentation is designed to help financial advisors better understand the psychological issues that can complicate retirement planning. 

Topics covered include:


  • Cognitive and Emotional Barriers to Retirement Planning


  • The Importance of Personal Values and Personal Meaning


  • Key Issues on the Minds of Couples Facing Retirement  


  • Questions Advisors Can Ask to Uncover Client Concerns (while still staying within your comfort zone)