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The Decision to Be Done With Work


The more I thought about retirement and how people construct their post-work lives, the more curious I became about how people make the decision to retire in the first place. 

I decided that the best way to learn about the decision making process would be to speak with people who had recently retired or who were in the midst of retiring.

I conducted semi-structured interviews with individuals who were gracious enough to share their experiences.  I am truly grateful to them for their time and candor.


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The Book

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— Walter, Chapter 3

“People should clearly understand who they are and what really drives them.  They need to know what they enjoy about work so that they can find substitutes for it.  They have to find interests, hobbies, or other things that give them the same level of fulfillment and satisfaction that their work provides.  The need for fulfillment doesn’t go away!"

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