A Dozen Perspectives on The Decision to Retire


Our 3 session programs help you address concerns about the next stage of your life. They provide a framework and a process for exploring your values, interests, and priorities. The transition from full time work can take many paths, but you owe it to yourself to be psychologically prepared.

Larry Gard is a psychologist and principal of Hamilton-Chase Consulting in Chicago.  His doctoral training at Northwestern University Medical School focused on the second half of life. He helps clients sort through the complex issues related to the sale of a business and/or retirement, while overcoming barriers that prevent planning for the future. Larry's goal is to help people craft a compelling next chapter and leave work on a high note.


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With so many big questions about what comes next (and “next” could potentially last a long time), how do people make the consequential decision to retire in the first place?

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Done With Work . . .

is about people who chose to retire from their long-term occupation.  It is based on semi-structured interviews with individuals who were gracious enough to share their decision-making process. Their stories are presented with the intention to help others who are grappling with the question of when to retire.  To paraphrase one interviewee, “it’s not easy to decide when to be done.” 

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