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  • Larry Gard

Unsure how you'll spend your time in retirement?

One of the functions of work is that it provides structure to our lives. Even if your work is quite varied, chances are you still follow a schedule of some sort. Now, for just a moment, imagine having no place to go, no appointments, and no schedule. Some people are reluctant to even think about exit planning because they can’t conceive of a life without a work routine. They’re convinced that such a life will feel aimless and unsettling.

So how will you spend your days? Will you need to have a new routine in place immediately, or will you be comfortable allowing one to emerge gradually? Either way, you should identify in advance a few practical and rewarding activities that can be introduced into your daily or weekly routine. The last thing you want is an empty calendar on Day 1 of your retirement.

If you’re truly at a loss about how to occupy your time, try to pinpoint the key satisfactions that work has always provided. Once you’ve identified the most compelling rewards you derive from work, you’ll be in a better position to search for reasonably satisfying alternatives. To get you started, click here for a tool I use with my clients.

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